31 days UNFILTERED - voice

Day 24 Got a minute? I'd love your advice.

I know that if I say "I want to be a writer," y'all will tell me, "Oh, Ali, you are a writer."

And I get that.

But here's where I continue to stumble on my journey of identifying with being a writer. (No, it's not my A+ ability to write sentences with a high volume of prepositions. Or my killer skill of starting sentences with conjunctions.)

The struggle is this: Voice.

I haven't found my writer's voice.

Actually, I have, sort of, but it's more of a multiple personality. I have one voice that is feisty, snarky and often self-deprecating (example here). And then I have another voice that is poetic, impassioned and heart bleeding (example here).

Both are authentic. Both are spirited. Both are me.

But as a blogger and wannabe writer, I think I need to develop only one voice.

And so here's what I want to know. Do I try the overwhelming task of merging the two voices? Do I nurture one and kill the other? Where do I go from here?

Tell me your thoughts, sweet reader.

I'd love to hear your voice.