31 days UNFILTERED - messages

Day 15 For your enjoyment.

These are the kinds of messages I receive from my sister:

"So I was driving by your old neighborhood, and I saw that they are redoing that Wendy's. It's going to be closed during the renovation. It's really a good thing that you moved when you did. I don't know what you would have done."

(She speaks truth.)

"Well, Hans' animal portrait was rescheduled because of the weather. It's probably a good thing. This gives him more time to get ready - lose some weight, get Botox . . . "

(She really has a point here.)

"You have to check out these Spanx leggings. They come up so high. They make me really excited to wear maternity clothes some day."

(The only problem with maternity clothes is that you are pregnant when you wear them, canceling out the comfort factor. But I'll just let her figure that out when the time comes.)

(And the time better come, ya hear me. I want to be an aunt. I want a turn. Tonight Morg called and asked to talk to Greta and I said, "No, I don't want Greta near me. Call tomorrow." And Morgan said, "How about I try next week." Motherhood has worn me down, people. I want to be the aunt for once. Is that too much to ask?)

Until then, I thank God for my sister who keeps me sane with her hilarious messages. Laughter does this momma good.