The next chapter.

There's really only one place where I feel completely comfortable sharing my true self with others and that's in writing. I'm guessing most people don't get that. Except other writers, of course.

Nine months ago I embarked on a project that consumed my life, invading every empty nook and vacant cranny of the chaos otherwise known as my life. Throughout the project, if you had asked me what I was working on, I might have told you, "Oh, you know, I'm busy with some stuff and stuff."

Only in writing might I have told you the truth.

I've been writing a book.

Nine months ago a friend invited me to contribute to a project, and while I knew from the beginning that said project was writing a book, what I didn't know was what writing that book would do to me.

Writing is my love. Words are my deepest lust. The invitation to write alongside a friend was and is a gift to my entire being. Yet it's also proved to challenge my relationship with my beloved words. It's one thing to flirt with ideas and vocabulary, dancing shyly around the room through playful laughter.

But when those words infiltrate your everyday rhythms, like any marriage, it gets hard.

Many nights I went to bed giving my once faithful hobby the cold shoulder, how dare it fail me - deadlines and edits forcing the ugly to surface.

There's no kiss-and-make-up with writer's block.

But guess what? Like the joy of meeting one's newborn child overrides the pains of birth, the delight of meeting one's published book overshadows the difficulties endured in the writing process.

It's worth it.

It's a gift.

It's grace.

It is with absolute gratitude that I announce the completion of my first published work. Only God could weave together this project that has become incredibly dear to my heart.

Not only was it an honor to write alongside a beautiful friend, but I have been overwhelmed by the grace of God that stretched and sustained me throughout the journey.

And now, with the challenges behind me and completion at my door, I am renewed in my commitment to writing. This recent project has left me wanting more.

I don't know what that means exactly. For now, I suppose my intention is to more consistently engage my blog. I'm turning my wheels and filling my notebooks with a heart more deeply connected with my true self.

Though don't ask me to expand on that. Until, of course, I'm ready to write it.

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