The condo on a mission, continued.

So what was God's answer to our question, "What should we do about the condo?" And if you don't know what the bleepity-bleep I'm talking about, start here.

After God made it all too clear that selling was not the answer, we started praying about renting. It wasn't even one week into that prayer when God answered in a way we never expected. Back to my journal entry from December:


Meanwhile, I was catching up on some bloggy blogs, and I came across a post that my Pastor published.

Here’s what he wrote:

I met a man yesterday who was left with no alternative but to flee for his life from his home country and his own countrymen. Yes, this happens.

This man is a Pakistani pastor, which itself is not life-threatening, unless you proselytize (share about your faith to nonbelievers in an effort to convert them). If you stay in your “holy huddle” as most churches do there (and here??), then you are “free” to worship. But if you move to the Gospel’s Edge seeking to reach others for Christ’s sake, as he did, then you will initiate your own death sentence. As a result of sharing his faith, he was threatened death six times while close associates lost their lives. He escaped by the grace of God and arrived here just days ago.

Now, he and his wife, along with their three children are in Columbus. But they’re without a home, transportation, funds or a job.

This pastor and his family have a few specific needs, in addition to financial support:

Place to stay (apartment, mother-in-law suite, hotel, etc.)

Um, WHAT?! How about AN EMPTY CONDO??? Could they use that?!

You bet your bottom dollar that I was all up in this precious family’s business, trying to determine if they still needed a place to live, and guess what, THEY DID!

And in less than a week, they had moved in.

I just can’t believe it. I can’t believe that God is going to use the condo, once again, for the sake of His Kingdom, for His glory, in a way that I would never choose but in a way that is so much better than whatever measly idea I could conjure up on my own.

I am in awe.

And I just don’t know what to say. What to do. How to be. Because I am a measly girl who serves a mighty God. And wow. Just wow. Wow. Wow.

As I look back over the last few month, I see the evidence that God was movin’ and shakin’ and jivin’ all along - just not in the ways that I thought. Too often I seek God through my finite perspective, and when He shows up in totally different ways, I miss Him. Because I’m too focused on my way, not His. But God has graciously given me retrospect, allowing me to look back and see what He was doing. How He was working. And it’s beautiful. Because so much of His work is in the small nooks and crannies of my hard heart. His work is a too soft blanket over my messy life. He loves me and prepares me and guides me, even when I’m bitchin’ and moanin’ for some grandiose laser light show.

He’s always jivin’. It’s just that sometimes we need to thirst before we can be quenched. What we perceive as a dry spell is just as much for our good as the moments when we feel God’s presence overwhelming.


And so the condo stands full. Full of a family and life and Jesus. And I am beyond thankful. Because ONLY GOD. Only He can direct the steps of my puny plans into a majestic and eternal journey.

Only God.