31 days UNFILTERED - grace

Day 5 Cop-out.

I'm weaseling my way out of Day 5 because the theme of my week is grace for self.

Matt's gone all week so I'm single-parenting. I have several things I'm juggling, a major one being my annual work conference that is a month away. Though I only work very part-time, October is always my busiest month.

All that to say, this week is providing me a great opportunity to practice grace for self.

One topic I am working and writing through involves education and the number one question I've been asked when folks learn that we moved out to the sticks. I plan to expand on that this week in a post, but in the meantime, check-out my friend Marla's 31 day writing series about unschooling.

I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts - unfiltered.